First off, I’d like to say I’m sorry to the very few readers that come here for the lack of activity.  When I first planned on opening up M-rag, I was hoping that I could make a post a day, seeing how it does not take me very long to write and revise a blog article, and that I turn over quite a bit of anime in a week.  The truth is life doesn’t always permit even that much time when in college.

As of recent, my soul has been eaten by Physics course in College.  I haven’t had much time to write, or do, anything above that class.  Even when I do, the daily homework assigned from my other classes has me tied down.  Forty-nine hours worth of homework; seven hours a day…  That’s what I did last week on just Physics.

Hopefully, I’ll soon get a handle on this class.  If I do not, I will surely be back in mid-winter when Christmas rolls in.  Again, I’m sorry.


Sky Girls Top


Well, Sky Girls was… Pro’lly the biggest waste of time I’ve spent this anime season. Truth be told, it’s wasn’t bad; but it certainly wasn’t a brilliant anime, nor did it shine. Hell, I don’t even think there was a light socket for this anime. Regardless, there were some points that were good, and quite a few that were bad. Read the rest of this entry »

Kurau Top Image

I came at this anime blind, besides the fact that it was produced by Bones. From experience I know that Bones usually makes decent anime (such as RahXephon) to Exceptional (Escaflowne: The Movie). When I checked for reviews of the anime, they claimed that it is a little too melodramatic, and emphasized the depressing storyline a bit too much. Being a headstrong person, I determined I might as well check it out, and give it a decent chance. And thus I have just finished the first episode.

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Top Image (shana)

Well, here’s the test. I’m trying to open yet another anime blog. NO! DON’T CLICK THE [X] JUST YET!

At first, my plan was to join the writing staff of Uknighted Manganime, but then I decided to just go about my own blog, just to see if I can do it all by myself.

My goal with doing this blog is to inform and accurately describe anime that just seem to vanish from everyone’s minds. Animes like: Cossette no Shouzou and Daicon. I’m also going to try and keep up with the more recent Fansub animes, like: Higurashi, Strawberry Panic, and Kiba. I’ll also be providing a new look to the licensed animes out there, such as His and Her Circumstance, Kannazuki no Miko, …

You’ve guessed it. I’m going to try and blog about every anime piece I watch.

I hope that I can bring you my knowlage and experence in anime, and you, the reader, some new looks on the animes of today, and of yesteryear.